Some polling confusion for Grandview Heights neighbors, wrong district on ballot


There was some ballot confusion on Election Day as one Grandview Heights condominium complex voted on the wrong issue.

The Franklin County Board of Elections told ABC6/FOX28 that some neighbors were given ballots giving them the option to vote in the wrong congressional district.

The Board said the condominium complex at 1000 Urlin Avenue in Grandview Heights is on the border of the 15th and 3rd congressional districts.

The east side of the building is the 15th district, but was mistakenly entered as the 3rd congressional district. That is what appeared on the ballot, according to a spokesperson for the board.

The Board said they were made aware of the situation Tuesday morning and immediately fixed the problem, saying the situation had be remedied.

They said around 242 people live in the complex that could be impacted. At this time, they are aware of 21 people who had voted.

The spokesperson for the Board of Elections said once a ballot is cast, it cannot be pulled from the system.

The Board confirms that the only error on the ballot was the incorrect congressional district being entered.

They said the situation is being investigated, and someone has been on site all day working on this.

People who live in the complex vote at Grandview Heights High School.

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