GDC: MTV's VMA Recap

MTV held its annual Video Music Awards Sunday night (CNN Newsource)

There were two reasons to tune to the MTV Video Music Awards last night: Britney and Beyonce...also featuring Rihanna and Kanye West

Four major performances stood out last night.

1) Rihanna. She was presented with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award in honor of her record-breaking 11-plus-year career. Before the award was presented, she did four separate five-minute medleys of some of her biggest hits. Drake who had been “stuck in traffic” during his own "Best Hip Hop Video" win earlier in the show, surprised Rihanna (and the crowd) by appearing onstage. He delivered a heartfelt speech praising Rihanna's career and even admitted he has been "in love" with her since he was 22. Yes, he said that. Rihanna didn't return the sentiment, however, she did seem pleased with his speech.

Fun fact: Rihanna has four awards from twenty one nominations. She and Beyonce are the the only female artists to win two Video of the Year awards.

2) Beyonce. Five years after announcing her pregnancy at the VMAs, Beyonce brought her daughter Blue Ivy with her to the red carpet. She also brought the “Mothers of the Movement”: four women who lost their sons to police violence or gun violence - the mothers of the late Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant, and Trayvon Martin. During the show, in one of the most highly anticipated performances of the night, she performed several songs from Lemonade and one song included a tribute to Trayvon Martin.

3) Britney Spears. She hadn’t performed at the VMAs in more than a decade. She performed her new single “Make Me” with G-Eazy. The hype plus Rihanna and Beyonce’s longer performances made Britney Spears performance pretty underwhelming. It was a far cry from her own iconic performances in the past with the python and Madonna kiss, but (besides the painfully obvious lip-syncing) it was a suitable performance.

4) Kanye West - Kanye’s performance was probably the most controversial. He opened by giving a six minute speech on topics including Chicago gun violence, his Famous video, the Taylor/Kim/Kanye Snapchat feud and he compared himself to Steve Jobs. His speech also included shoutouts to Amber Rose, Ray J, and Donald Trump. Following the speech, he premiered his newest NSFW music video for the song Fade. The video featured Teyana Taylor and her fiancee Iman Shumpert, and again, is NOT suitable for work!

Other than the performances, there were special appearances by Kim Kardashian, Michael Phelps, The Final Five, and Jimmy Fallon AS Ryan Lotche and P. Diddy.

Perusing Twitter that evening, one thing most viewers could agree on: the hosts Key and Peele did not have their best night.

What was your favorite part of the show? Tweet me: @AlissaHenryTV

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