Kent State student produces play on heroin epidemic

Emelia Sherin watched an audition for her play Independent: The Heroin Project, recently in Youngstown. (CNN Newsource)

A 20-year-old Kent State student wrote and is producing a play on Ohio's heroin epidemic.

Emelia Sherin's play is called Independent: The Heroin Project. The play is centered around characters named Ryan and Emily, who meet at Narcotics Anonymous. Ryan has been clean for three years and Emily is trying to get clean.

In the play, Heroin is a character Sherin says she personified as "a victim, a temptress."

Sherin said her goal with the play, set in Akron, is to find a way to educate people about the epidemic.

"I thought why not create something here in Northeastern Ohio to notify a problem, to help educate the public on this situation," she said.

The play will run at the Akron Civic Theater August 4 and 5.

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