After fingers, legs amputated, man keeps up his positive attitude

Ken Sieperman experienced a weekend of pain that would change his life forever, and leave him without his fingers and legs.

It was a Thursday night in 2013 when Ken Sieperman developed flu-like symptoms and was running a high fever.

He was rushed to the emergency room.

"What I was in the midst of, was septic shock, I had an infection that went septic," said Sieperman.

He made it through a weekend in the ICU but doctors would tell him he had no circulation below his knees or his fingers.

"In July of 2013 I had my fingers amputated at the first joint, August 27th, 2013 I had my legs amputated and I was able to go to acute rehab because I had both done at the same time,"

Ken is still adjusting to his new way of life.

"At the age of 65 I had to learn how to write again, I had to learn how to walk again," Sieperman explained.

We joined him for his fitting appointment for new sockets for his prosthetic legs.

"Ken always, he's always ready to go, he's always got a positive attitude and that positive attitude is seen by other people," said Keith Willis, Ken's prosthetist.

Ken says he's motivated watching athletes compete at the Paralympics in South Korea saying some athletes had to adjust to life after losing a limb and so did he.

He's now walking and even running again.

"Sometimes you don't know how strong you are until you have to be, and then you deal with what you have to deal with," he explained.

Ken is a member of EnMotion, which is a support group here in Central New York run out of the Center for Orthotic and Prosthetic Care.

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