Dog missing for a year found in another state

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A New Mexico family is going to be reunited with their missing dog in 2018.

Koda the husky was found in a Missouri backyard belonging to Jamie Bergmann on Christmas Day.

"So I get a call from my boyfriend and he says 'funny story'. He had let out our younger husky, Aspen, out to go to the bathroom in the backyard and he said when he went to get her back inside that there was another husky in our yard. He said he brought it in and he was skinny and so wet that the whole back half of him was covered in ice," said Bergmann.

After a bath, some food, and a warm home, Koda was taken to the Vet to be scanned for his microchip.

It was then that Bergman found out Koda was a long way from home, as his microchip registered to a home in New Mexico. Bergman contacted his owners and found out that Koda went missing almost a year ago.

Bergman, a husky lover, thinks that her dog that recently passed away led Koda to her home. "The fact that we had a husky pass away the first of December, it makes me think did she have something to do with it? Did she send this dog to us because he needed help? How did he jump the fence in my yard? How? It's so crazy," said Bergman.

His odd journey served as a Christmas miracle for Bergmann, "He came at the right time and it all just kind of worked out because he's really helping us heal from the loss of our other dog and it's nice to be able to have him here throughout the holidays when it's always rough. And we have this other dog that we can focus on and love and he's giving us back a little bit also. It's really cool."

Koda will head home to New Mexico next month.

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