Police officers help man with broken hip finish Chicago Marathon

(Courtesy: CNN Newsource/WBBM/Edward Hensley)

CHICAGO, IL(WSYX/WTTE) — An avid runner is "forever grateful" to a pair of police officers that helped him finish the Chicago Marathon as he unknowingly battled through a broken hip.

According to CBS Chicago, Edward Hensley started feeling debilitating pain with about two miles left in the race.

“I couldn’t move. I had to sit down on the ground. I tried to get up, but I couldn’t," he said.

Officer Joe Siska saw Hensley, helped him up, escorted him to a nearby aid tent, and left. However, he'd return a short time later, saying he felt like Hensley had some unfinished business.

“Out of nowhere, the officer who initially assisted me, showed back up and said he came back because he saw something in my eyes that said I needed to go on," Hensley told CBS Chicago.

As they made their way back on the course, probationary officer Alfredo Martinez offered to lend a hand as well.

“They said, ‘whatever you need, we’re going to be here for as long as it takes,'” Hensley said.

With the help of a folding chair as a crutch, the three of them made their way toward the finish line averaging of pace of less than a mile an hour.

“When we saw the sign that said 400 meters, they said they were as excited as I was,” Hensley said, adding, “I am forever grateful for their kindness and they are forever my friends.”

Hensley's 11th marathon, and ninth consecutive Chicago Marathon, ended with a "wave of emotion" realizing it very could be his last, he said.

Hensley's out of surgery and recovering well as doctors fixed the fracture, but say he has a long road to recovery ahead, CBS Chicago reports. They added a reunion with him and the two officers is planned once he is back on his feet.

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