Starving puppy found during eviction at Nashville apartment

(Courtesy of MACC)

Metro Animal Control rescued a starving 7-month-old puppy found in a filthy apartment in Nashville.

According to Metro Animal Care and Control's report, a worker at an apartment complex found the puppy when checking for the tenant to start the eviction process on Feb. 27. The worker reported the "a very skinny dog with no food/water" and that the apartment was covered in feces and urine.

An MACC employee arrived the apartment and found the puppy lethargic and unable to stand without falling over. The puppy appeared to have eaten a few sections of carpet and part of a couch cushion. There was an empty bag of dog food that was also partially eaten.

According to the report, there was no food or water in the feces-covered apartment. The puppy was found pale and cold to the touch with a collar loosely hanging from his neck that could have fit at one time.

MACC obtained the information for the former occupant and posted a notice for POV and cruelty prior to taking the puppy.

The puppy is a male Pit Bull/German Shepherd mix and is currently in foster care through MACC. The owner Quincy Taylor will be cited for animal cruelty once he is found.

A spokesperson for MACC provided the following statement about the case:

MACC received a call from staff at a local apartment on February 27 about a malnourished dog that was left in one of their residences. A Metro Animal Care and Control officer responded that day and we took possession of the dog. The dog was seen by our vet and is in foster care now and has started to gain weight. MACC has identified the owner as Quincy Taylor and we will issue a citation for animal cruelty when Mr. Taylor is found.

Anyone who wants more information about the puppy should call 615-862-7928.

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