Woman adopts two stray Portland dogs who became best friends

(KATU Photo)

It's pretty rare people are willing to adopt two stray animals at once, but that's what one Southeast Portland woman did.

Her decision likely saved the dog's lives.

It's an unlikely friendship. The two dogs are completely different, yet they're the best of friends.

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"They are super, super sweet. They love people," says Jennifer Estevez, who adopted the pups. She named them Biggie and Smalls.

Their story begins well into their adult lives. Nobody knows their past.

"They were found in Southeast Portland, tied to a pole," says Dr. Sarah Tauber, a staff doctor at Dove Lewis.

But a few months back, the dogs showed up to Dove Lewis Animal Hospital emaciated, with overgrown nails, some dental disease and were underweight.

"Biggie immediately jumped on the treatment table with his paws, looking for Smalls," says Dr. Tauber.

DoveLewis has a stray and wildlife fund that allows them to help pups like Biggie and Smalls.

It was during their treatments and exams that the doctors realized the dogs' hearts were still strong as ever.

"You could just tell immediately they had a really close bond," says Dr. Tauber.

They dogs were inseparable: best doggy friends, so it was decided they just had to stay together.

"it just made sense to adopt them both," says Estevez.

Their future is now full of potential.

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