Young Toledo girl donates Tooth Fairy money

(Courtesy: WNWO)

TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) - Cherry Street Mission Ministries operates entirely through donations. While every donation serves its purpose, a recent one stuck out a little more. One Toledo resident decided to empty her piggy bank for those at Cherry Street.

Like most eight-year-olds, Autumn Tant is a pretty frequent stop for the Tooth Fairy. After losing about six teeth, she was collecting some serious fairy money on each tooth.

“I get like $5 and some quarters,” said Autumn Tant.

Unlike most eight-year-olds, Tant wanted to do something different with the money.

“I told my mom I wanted to give it to the homeless,” said Tant.

Tant was watching videos online about the homeless communities when she decided she wanted to give back. She wanted to turn her loss into somebody else’s gain.

“I feel bad for them, I think they should have money so they don’t have to be on the streets,” said Tant.

At first, Tant wanted to go walking down the street passing out money.

“They deserve a home and shelter,” said Tant.

Tant’s mom then told her about Cherry Street and explained how her money would go further through a donation.

“Every donation means a meal, it also means our programming to help change and transform lives,” said Max Lambdin, with Cherry Street Mission Ministries.

About 20 bucks later and Tant’s efforts have gone a long way. Lambdin said it’s a little more than $2 to serve a meal to an individual. That’s if they have the volunteers and the correct supplies.

After her first big donation, Tant said she hopes to do more of it in the future.

“If I had a $1,000,000, I’d give half of it to the homeless,” said Tant.

Tant's mom matched the Tooth Fairy money for her daughter’s donation.

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