64 shelter dogs still unclaimed after running away from fireworks


The pace of families finding their lost dogs after the 4th of July has slowed to a crawl, and the Franklin County Dog Shelter is still waiting for more than 60 owners to pick up their furry friends this week.

The days after the Fourth of July are traditionally when lost dog cases skyrocket, thanks to dogs being frightened by fireworks and instinctively running away in terror. Franklin County has taken in 95 stray and lost dogs since the Red, White & Boom celebration in Columbus.

At noontime on Sunday, 64 were still penned up inside the North Columbus shelter. Most are visibly and audibly stressed, wary of nearby humans and barking loudly and defensively.

"These dogs had families, had homes, had names, were on a certain food — and everything just got turned upside down," explained deputy dog warden Devon Mann.

Dogs with no license tags or microchip technology are held for three days at the shelter, penalty-free.

Owners who can provide some sort of picture or documentation matching the dog, can pick them up. In three days' time, the unlicensed dogs become eligible for adoption — meaning dogs picked up on Tuesday and Wednesday began to be adopted out this weekend.

Licensed and micro-chipped dogs are held for two full weeks before being offered out for public adoption, so there are still at least nine days for those owners to retrieve their lost animals.

The variety of dogs picked up at this time of year means the group does not last long once the adoptions come into play.

"We'll have a line out the door," Mann said.

You may call the Franklin County Dog Shelter at (614) 525-3647, and view the current roster of unidentified dogs by clicking here.

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