Abandoned dog with 6-pound tumor gets a second chance

(Courtesy: CNN Newsource/WLWT HART Animal Rescue Cincinnati)

CINCINNATI, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- A rescued puppy has a chance at a healthy and happy life after animal welfare advocates removed a six-pound tumor from him.

According to WLWT, a one-year-old dog named Clyde was dropped off a Cincinnati-area shelter by his owner, who told the staff to euthanize him.

"He's only a year ... way too young for a death sentence," Shari Wyenandt with HART Animal Rescue told WLWT.

Wyenandt said doctors believed the tumor grew for months, half of Clyde's life.

"I mean he was in pain, dragging it. It was already rupturing from being drug on the ground," she said.

Gallatin County Animal Shelter employees brought him to County Animal Hospital in Mason where vets removed the tumor during a two-hour surgery, Wyenandt told WLWT.

She added he's sleeping a lot as he recovers from the procedure. A biopsy is scheduled to assess the tumor, where if it's cancerous, Clyde's road to recovery could include chemotherapy.

Wyenandt said the pup has been nothing but sweet since he's been in the rescue's care and that he won't have a problem finding a forever home, once he's available for adoption.

The rescue is accepting donations to help cover Clyde's medical costs.

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