There's still hope for Adele in Columbus

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Columbus, or even Ohio, may not be on the Adele's North American tour after the dates were revealed on Monday, but that doesn't mean she still can't end up at either Nationwide Arena or the Schottenstein Center in 2016.

The pop star's North American tour includes 54 stops, but only 22 cites (18 in the U.S.) due to the soul singer's preference to perform multiple shows in all, but one stop. New York and Los Angeles each have six confirmed dates. Toronto has four, Chicago three.

Breeden Buckley, the Vice President of Booking for the Columbus Arena Sports Entertainment, who handles events and promotions for the Schottenstein Center, Nationwide Arena, and Ohio Stadium, said if the best-selling artist were to add U.S. stops, Columbus would have a very good chance at landing one of them.

"We have capacity. We have two 20,000-seat arenas, state of the art that give us dates that maybe other cities don't have," he said. "We're right there on the bubble as far as geographic capacity and population base. It's always been considered a B+/A- as far as population base goes."

The company also has plenty experience with landing bands who decide to expand their tours beyond initial announcements, like the Zac Brown Band, who closed their most recent tour at the Schottenstein Center Sunday night.

"We're networking all the time with the decision makers involved in the process, from artist management, to agents, to tour promoters," said Buckley.

One of the biggest selling points for Central Ohio luring A-list artists has been the eclectic tastes of the concert-goers, thanks to a wide-ranging demographic from the year-round residents as well as college students, specifically at Ohio State.

"Columbus is a very diverse market as to what they'll buy tickeTs to and what drives traffic here, so we can have everyone from Trans-Siberian Orchestra to Zac Brown Band to AC/DC," said Buckley.

As Adele's tour dates were revealed, so were legendary Australian rock band AC/DC's, who'll perform at Nationwide Arena on March 23.

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