Air Quality Alert issued as warmer temperatures and winds move into Central Ohio

An Air Quality Alert has been issued for Friday, May 25th (WSYX/WTTE)

People with breathing sensitivities or health issues will need to take extra precaution Friday May 25th as an air quality alert has been issued for the area.

Friday is considered unhealthy air quality, according to the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission. With mostly sunny skies and warmer temperatures, their will be enhanced ozone formation in Central Ohio, according to the group. Additionally, winds will be bringing more pollutants to the region and smoke from Canadian wildfires could affect air quality.

  • To help improve air quality, MORPC recommends everyone try to take the following actions:
  • Travel by carpooling or combining trips, or bike or use public transportation
  • Turn off your engine instead of idling
  • Avoid refueling your vehicle or wait until dusk if you have to
  • Avoid mowing your lawn on alert days

You can see the latest forecast here

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