Bexley, Harrison West residents push for solution to postal problems

It is a welcome change.

"Suddenly none of my mail was bent or folded and that has been over the past month," says Renee Addy, who has lived in a Eastmoor Boulevard neighborhood for eight years.

Addy was one of many Bexley area neighbors dealing with major mail problems for years.

"It would be nice to get your mail where you expect it and to have it not be wet or misplaced," she says.

It got so bad, she even had to set up fishing line around her porch, so her carrier would stop walking through her landscape.

Addy and her neighbors filed formal complaints about the Main Street Post Office, but say complaints didn't go anywhere. They organized on Facebook, and planned a demonstration.

David Martin led the charge, meeting with post office officials, and Bexley's mayor earlier this month.

They continued to demand change and Martin says he was told a carrier was removed, and a supervisor handling complaints was put on administrative leave.

The post office won't comment on personnel issues, but said in a statement:

Customer concerns and alternate ways for customers to report those concerns were discussed during a positive and productive meeting between Columbus Post Master Ignatius Vaccaro, Bexley Mayor Ben Kessler, USPS District Marketing Manager Andrew Glancy, Acting Bexley Station Manager Joe Coles and Facebook page creator David Martin. Initial improvements in customer satisfaction appear encouraging, and the USPS will continue to closely monitor the situation to ensure Bexley customers receive the level of service they expect and deserve.

It's a small victory and a promise neighbors hope the post office lives up to.

"I hope that they have everything under control," says Addy.

Bexley's Mayor Ben Kessler was at the meeting with the post pffice to share his experience, and said the way that neighbor advocated for the concerns of the community is admirable and effective.

The fight also goes on in Harrison West, where they say they've had postal issues for about three years.

"We have received packages from other folks. We have received mail from other folks and then we have had some stuff go missing," says homeowner John C. Slifko.

When ABC 6/FOX 28 contacted the post office earlier this month about Harrison West issues, they said they were disappointed to learn of the situation.

They advise customers with problems to call 1-800-ASK-USPS.

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