Beyoncé and Jay-Z to fill Ohio Stadium, weeks after Taylor Swift set records


Weeks after Taylor Swift's record-setting concert at Ohio Stadium, twp other entertainers look to break records. Beyoncé and her husband, rapper Jay-Z, will appear at The 'Shoe Thursday night in a concert university officials said could top last month's performance by Swift.

Swift brought in more than 60,000 concert-goers, although the university wouldn't reveal and exact figure. She also brought scores of semis full of equipment. Mike Gatto with Ohio Stadium said Beyoncé brought fewer semis, but more equipment.

"They're packed to the roof, to the brim, with equipment, so we believe this show is as big or bigger than Taylor," Gatto said.

Almost 275 stagehands unloaded trucks today and have been constructing the state for about a week. Most of those workers are hired from the Columbus area, Gatto said.

Music fans may have to contend with a crush of traffic as thousands of Ohio State students move in tomorrow. They may also have to deal with weather as rain is in the forecast. Gatto reminded patrons that umbrellas won't be allowed in the stadium, but the concert will go on rain or shine.

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