Body cam video reveals new details in superintendent's crack arrest

Hamilton Local School District Superintendent William Morrison was arrested Friday after crack was found in his car. (Courtesy Columbus Police)

The Columbus Division of Police released body camera video from the arrest of the Hamilton Local School District superintendent for possession of crack cocaine. William Morrison was arrested Friday after he was found parked in an alley in the Hilltop.

A bicycle officer found Morrison parked in front of a garage waiting for a woman named "JC." Morrison said he was taking her to dinner but didn't know the woman's name or where she lived when questioned.

"Well here's what looks suspicious Mr. Morrison, is there's a lot of prostitution in this area, people sitting in an alley in front of someone's garage that's not theirs," the officer is heard saying from his body camera. "It looks suspicious."

Morrison continued to answer the officers questions, including where he works.

"You're a school superintendent," the officer said. "That probably wouldn't look very well either if they knew you were in an alleyway on the west side of Columbus picking up a girl, you don't know her last name, couldn't pull into her apartment complex, you met her twice."

In the video, Morrison agreed to let the officer search him. Moments later the officer said he found crack cocaine and a pipe in Morrison's car door. He was eventually taken away, under arrest, to a police substation.

He pleaded guilty to having a controlled substance. He was fined $200, given a year of probation and sentenced to 180 days in jail with 176 of them suspended.

He's been put on administrative leave from his role as the superintendent of Hamilton Local Schools. An interim superintendent has stepped in to fill his role but so far the district has not said if Morrison will keep his job.

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