Bride getting married in weeks says several bridesmaid's dresses still aren't in

Three bridesmaid are missing dressing for an upcoming wedding. (Courtesy: Gabrielle Cerovski)

What's supposed to be a happy time in a bride’s life is anything but that for Gabrielle Cerovski.

Cerovski is getting married just weeks from now, on New Year’s Eve. The bride has been looking forward to her wedding day and has been planning for more than a year. Everything for the wedding is good to go, except three bridesmaid’s dresses that have been paid for, but haven't arrived.

The bridesmaids ordered their dresses from Elegant Bride, in Dublin.

"We paid $320.00 for the bridesmaid dress and she told us they'd be in within four to five months, we ordered them in April. There's six of us bridesmaids, three of the dresses were long like they were supposed to be and three of them were short which were incorrect, " said Sarah Weekly, a bridesmaid in the wedding. "She told us at that point that she was going to call the company and re-order the three incorrect dresses and have them expedited."

Cerovski said the dresses didn't come in until October, and she and the bridesmaid said they've been getting the running around for months. They saved text messages between the owner of Elegant Bride and said some of the messages went ignored.

The owner of Elegant Bridal said she was in the hospital for a period of time and said she gets back to customers if they contact her.

"It's incredibly frustrating as a business owner. An error was made like I said. I don't know if I made it, I don't know if they made it, I took responsibility and I'm refunding money," said Frankie Murphy, the owner of Elegant Bride in Dublin. "I would say I'm sorry and I want her to have what she wants and I will do everything that I can to get that."

Murphy said she doesn't know who made the mistake because there was a lot of communication about the dresses over the phone. She said she's not sure if some of the bridesmaids put down the wrong number for the dress or if she did.

Murphy wasn't at her office when she was asked about the bridesmaid dresses. Her shop is closed on Monday and Tuesdays. She said the bride's mother has been difficult to work with as she tried to solved the problem. The bride said her mother just stepped into the situation days ago because she wasn't getting a response from the owner.

After Murphy was confronted about the dresses, she said she is willing to work with the bride and her bridesmaids, as long as the mother is out of the mix.

Murphy said the dresses should come in before the wedding, but Cerovski said she hopes Murphy is telling the truth, she said Murphy has made promises about the dress coming in and it never happens.

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