Buckeye Lake hopeful as water starts rising on the lake once again

Buckeye Lake business owners are hopeful actions taken by the state will lead to a more normal summer with higher lake levels and plenty of vacationers and visitors spending money.

The state used "stop-logs" to close off a spillway from the lake and begin the process of refilling the lake for the summer. Previous summers the level had been kept low to assist construction of a new dam.

"We're really happy we can bring this lake back and hopefully the businesses will experience a summer that is more like they're used to," said Ian Nickey, a spokesman for the project.

The lake level will be a foot lower than normal summer pool, but that will be much higher than previous summers. The state also announced the project is running ahead of schedule. Previously scheduled to be completed in 2020, the state now says the dam will be replaced and construction complete in late 2018.

Local business owners said previous summers have been tough with a lack of boating on the lake. Kim Oxley, owner of the Hometown Hot Dog diner in Millersport said customers today were thrilled to hear the news about the lake levels.

"They're excited, thye want it to be back to normal," she said.

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