Buckeyethon: Students get ready to boogie and help Nationwide Children's Hospital

Ohio State Students are ready to dance the night away for a good cause.

Ohio State Students are ready to dance the night away for a good cause.

It's a marathon to remember, 24 hours of dancing. Students raise money to attend Buckeyethon and that money goes to help patients at Nationwide Children's hospital.

It's a cause close to the heart for the Oliphant family. "They are just wonderful, " said Theresa Oliphant.

The family lost their daughter two years ago to leukemia, she was diagnosed with cancer at 15.

"She had a long, hard-fought battle for about 18 months and she passed away at the age of 17," said Scott Oliphant.

Their daughter Lauryn spent countless hours on the 12th floor of Nationwide Children's hospital, that's the hematology/Oncology floor.

"They did everything in their power to help our daughter. I wish we were here to say we had a successful treatment, but unfortunately, she lost that battle, but it wasn't without that floor doing everything possible," said Scott Oliphant.

Buckeyethon raises not only awareness for pediatric cancer but also celebrates the kids battling cancer now, in remission or those who have passed away.

It's an even to remember said Ohio State senior Bridget Cook. "The feeling is incredible. It's this outpouring of love and support from all of these college kids," said Cook.

Sophomore Sydney Rader wanted to do something extra special for this year's Buckeyethon.

With the help of friends, she collected thousands of pennies highlighting the number of kids diagnosed with cancer during a student's four years at Ohio State. "I counted every single one which was also a feat itself. They're here and there are 63,120 of them."

Last year Buckeyethon raised more than 1.5 million dollars for Nationwide Children's Hospital.

The students hope to raise even more this year.

The opening ceremony starts tonight at 7 pm at the Ohio Union on Ohio State's Campus.

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