Call to End Hunger: Breakfast for Students

Stacia - breakfast for students

Imagine trying to concentrate on an empty stomach.

Newark City Schools serves 1,400 additional breakfasts every day this school year because families can’t afford food. Educators say they are seeing a difference. Every day, every child walks through the cafeteria at Ben Franklin Elementary School and grabs a healthy breakfast. It’s a collaboration with the district and Children’s Hunger Alliance whose goal is to end hunger in Ohio.

Superintendent Doug Ute says the program began a year ago when the district learned many of its children came to school hungry. Children’s Hunger Alliance consulted with school leaders and came up with quick and easy plan.

Third grade teacher Krysta Campbell has seen a big difference with her students, citing fewer discipline problems and trips to the nurses clinic from kids complaining about headaches because of the lack of food. And, Mrs. Campbell says, her students performed better during state testing because they had a good breakfast.

ABC 6 and The Children's Hunger Alliance are joining together for A Call to End Hunger telethon. Join us Wednesday April 26th to help raise awareness and financial resources for the program!

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