Capital University senior helps mom get through Hurricane Irma

(Courtesy: Elizabeth Doody-Jackson)

Cole Palmby is a senior at Capital University, but his mother and stepdad are thousands of miles away in an area that Hurricane Irma hit.

Elizabeth Doody-Jackson and her husband have lived in Saint Thomas for years. Palmby watched Irma go straight toward his families house, earlier this week. Palmby said he stayed on the phone with his mom and helped her get through the storm.

"Once the eye of the storm passed over the island, I lost contact with her a little bit, which was real scary," said Palmby.

They have enough food to last them for another week or two. Doody-Jackson said much of the island is destroyed, including the hospital and post office.

"We did not see a single police car, not a single fire truck, not a single government worker, nothing," said Doody-Jackson.

The life Doody-Jackson built with her husband for so many years is gone. They don't know what they're are going to do, but they know leaving the island might have to be an option.

Doody-Jackson said she helped three students who attend a university in St. Thomas that got destroyed. She and her husband also helped people after Hurricane Irma hit.

Along with no visuals of police, firefighters or government officials at all, they say there are no shelters setup.

Doody-Jackson said she did hear help is on the way, but it hasn't arrived yet.

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