Caught on video: Cars use bike trail as shortcut

Bike riders say they've seen cars using the Camp Chase Trail in Columbus. A rider caught one instance on video as they were forced off the path (WSYX/WTTE)

Bike trails were created for cyclists to get off the roads and be safer during their rides, but a couple of Central Ohio riders found even while on a trail they came face-to-face with a car.

"Next thing we know, we see this car coming towards us and we look at each other like,' is that really a car on the trail?'” said Tess Cunningham.

She was riding with Rob Luikart on the Camp Chase Trail in Columbus when a car illegally came driving down the path. Rob decided to record it on his phone. Tess said you would think this was an unusual sight, but it's not.

"It’s been three different cars, three different occasions, still on this section of the trail though,” said Tess.

She also believes people are trying to take short cuts and avoid two busy intersections near Sullivant Avenue.

ABC 6/FOX 28 talked to Columbus Parks and Recreation, who saw the video and said it is absolutely illegal for any motor vehicle to be on the path and there are plenty of signs that say so.

"Take down a license plate number. Give the police a call. Call 3-1-1. Call 9-1-1. It’s really a safety issue,” said Brian Hoyt.

Tess and Rob haven't called the police yet because they didn't know what to do. They do have the license plate from the video and hope others will take caution while on their next bike ride.

”I don’t want to get hit by a car. I just feel like if you’re on the trail, that is the safest place for a cyclist to be and to see this car coming at you, I mean, yeah, I was afraid of what was going to happen next.”

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