Central Ohio native remembers his connection to historic 'Memphis Belle'

Central Ohio native remembers his connection to historic 'Memphis Belle'

MARYSVILLE, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- A Marysville native remembers his connection to the “Memphis Belle.”

Watson said when he was in the eighth grade, he wrote a letter to Colonel Robert Morgan as part of a class assignment. Morgan famously flew the B17F bomber “Memphis Belle” during World War II.

Watson said he was surprised when the aviation icon wrote him back.

"It was such a cool thing to have somebody that was connected to it actually respond to me,” explained Watson.

Watson and Morgan would exchange letters and talk on the phone over time. In 1996, Watson was invited to Memphis, Tennessee, where the historic bomber was located and offered a chance to look inside the plane.

"Absolute disbelief. I mean when I was going through that airplane it was absolutely amazing to me, especially up in the cockpit because I sat in the cockpit with Bob Morgan for over an hour and it was July in Memphis, so it was like 110 degrees outside just sitting in that cockpit sweating bullets."

Colonel Morgan died in 2004, but the bond between him and Watson was not lost on Morgan’s wife, who invited the Marysville native to a private ceremony for family and friends ahead of the exhibit for the historic bomber.

"I'm super excited to see what this airplane looks like,” said Watson.

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