Central Ohioans beat the heat on the Fourth of July


Fourth of July in central Ohio was celebrated with a lot of people trying to beat the heat.

At Huntingdon Park, longtime Columbus Clipper’s fans Judith Therrien and Candi Soto say they have no problem with extreme weather conditions, including Wednesday’s heat.

"We have a fan. I have two, three bottles of water. I have a towel to mop the brow and you pray for a breeze too,” said Soto.

Ken Schnake, President and General Manager of the Columbus Clippers said weather has impacted games this season.

"This year has been a crazy year. I mean we’ve been home 33 times and according to the National Weather Service, we've had a weather condition on all but 10 of those games,” said Schnake.

Schnake explained the organization takes extreme weather seriously.

"It is a delicate balance we don't want to put the fans in danger. We have EMS personnel here every night. We have Franklin County Sheriff personnel here every night very cognizant of people not trying to do so much in the heat."

Baseball fans were not the only ones battling the heat, so were firefighters in Licking County.

Six fire companies were called to an abandoned house fire in Saint Albans Township. No injuries were reported, but a supply truck was called to the scene because of the extreme heat.

"We call in our support vehicle in they bring out water supplies Gatorade cooling stations so the companies can rotate out and rehab between cycles,” said Assistant Chief Joe Krouse.

Krouse said the conditions were tough for the heavy gear firefighters wear which keeps in as much heat as it keeps out.

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