Central Ohioans describe chaos and confusion during Las Vegas concert shooting

Julie and Gene Lamp of Licking County considered going to Sunday night concert where 58 people were killed and 515 more were injured. (WSYX / WTTE).

Even before arriving on the strip, Robin Lewis knew she'd remember her first trip to Las Vegas.

She never could imagine why.

Lewis said she and friend were at the Route 91 Harvest musical festival Sunday night when a gunman opened fire from room on the 32nd floor at the nearby Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, killing 58 people and injuring 515 more.

"I saw Jason Aldean literally duck and start sprinting across the stage. Everyone was screaming. I just ran," Lewis recalled in a phone call with ABC 6 / FOX 28. "I ran for my life."

Lewis and her friend got separated in the crowd of some 22,000 people, but they later luckily found each other at a gas station. "I think I just hugged her," Lewis said. "I'm literally still crying about it."

A Twitter post from Kody Roberston state that he was also in the crowd as concertgoers ran and ducked for cover during repeated gunfire.

"Just talked with the sister of the girl who was shot right next to me," read one tweet. "I don't think I could have a more difficult conversation."

Robertson, whose profile identifed him as being from Columbus, posted that he was at a hospital to check on a friend.

"The gut wrenching cries from family members being notified their loved ones have passed is heartbreaking every time," one post stated.

Julie Lamp said she and her husband spent the night in their room at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino under a lock down order .

"My husband and I actually talked about going to this concert yesterday," Lamp told ABC 6 / FOX 28 in a phone call. "Thank God we didn't."

Lamp said they've experienced the aftermath of the shooting in the hotel lobby.

"We had seen people coming from the concert who were covered in blood," she said. "People (are) running through the casinos trying to find love ones...It was horrific."

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