Chelsea Clinton speaks exclusively with ABC6/FOX28


After her campaign stop at a field office in Westerville, Chelsea Clinton spoke one-on-one exclusively with ABC6 and FOX 28. Clinton said the issues she cares most about have changed since she became a mother.

Clinton made pitched in making the case to younger voters to support her mom, Hillary Clinton. Her mom was taking the stage in North Carolina for the first time since being diagnosed with pneumonia.

"She's clearly feeling a lot better," Chelsea Clinton said. "I'm grateful she took a few days off to rest. I've had pneumonia twice. It's awful so I'm glad she finally took her doctor's advice."

Moments earlier Clinton told a crowd of volunteers in Westerville about the issues which matter to her the most nowadays -- early childhood education, child care and college affordability.

"(Hillary Clinton) is the only one talking about serious issues that seriously affect American families, particularly those of us who have young children," she said. "I hope that'll matter to voters here in Ohio and I hope that it'll matter she's been working on those issues literally longer than I've been alive."

We wrapped up our conversation talking about how she's trying to win over voters in Ohio for her mom.

"I was in Dayton earlier and I was taking lots of questions from the audience," she said. "A couple people talked about the economy, raising the minimum wage, education reform, what my mom is going to do about the dignity and prosperity for Americans With Disabilities. That's what I hear is important to people in Ohio and really across the country."

Clinton stopped in Dayton before heading to Westerville. She has another planned rally next week in Toledo.

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