Chillicothe woman opens her home to women in recovery, offers hope

Cheryl Beverly has opened her home to women in recovery from addiction, giving them a place to stay, help finding a job, and hope for the future (WSYX/WTTE)

Cheryl Beverly's reputation is spreading.

Even before the doors to her sober living home in Chillicothe officially open, women are writing to her wanting to stay there.

"She wants information so she can come here, " Beverly said as she reads the letter she just received. "She wrote me yesterday. She wants all the information about my halfway house. She says she's excited to hear there's one in Chillicothe. She wants to come here to continue to get better."

Her place is called Cheryl's House of Hope. She has one woman already staying at her home and can house up to four more. Beverly says she's opening up her home to give women in need a safe place to continue their recovery from addiction.

"I want to do this because right now we're in situation that if no one does this, it's gonna get worse, " she said.

Beverly has her own personal connection with heroin. Two of her sons are recovering addicts.

"One is still in prison, " she said.

Beverly believes the best way to overcome addiction is with help. So at Cheryl's House of Hope, women can stay there for up to a year. Beverly will even help them find a job.

As she gets ready to open her doors to even more women, she says she's still in need of donations. Items for the home including a twin bed, warm clothing, toiletry supplies and funding.

"I might not have a lot of funding, but I have open arms," she said.

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