Chillicothe, Columbus police working to locate missing woman

Investigators said 43-year old Danielle Dunn, of Chillicothe, was reported missing Sunday. (Courtesy: Lester Dunn)

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- Chillicothe police are hopeful a missing woman won't be grouped with six others who either vanished or were found dead in Ross County over the past few years.

Investigators said 43-year old Danielle Dunn, of Chillicothe, was reported missing Sunday.

Family and friends think she's in the Hilltop community of west Columbus where a friend, David Sparks, said he took her Saturday.

"She walked toward town, and it was the last time I saw her," Sparks said Wednesday evening.

Chillicothe police say they've questioned sparks about what he knew about Dunn.

Three Chillicothe detectives are now working with Columbus police and focusing efforts in the Hilltop near Sullivant and Warren Avenues where loved ones say Dunn once lived.

Her husband had a theory on why she vanished.

"Easy access to drugs, probably. Maybe she knows someone up there," said Danielle's husband, Lester Dunn.

Chillicothe police said they're not taking any chances after six other women who've gone missing or were found dead.

"Due to the recent events in the past couple of years with the other missing women, and media coverage, we have added to that to make sure we come forward, and are putting all our efforts into this" said Chillicothe Police Sgt. Pete Shaw.

Shaw said while he's received tips from out of state from a national database on missing women, the department has received little help from Ross County residents.

"It is very odd and disturbing that we're not getting local tips," Shaw added.

Shaw added his team will continue to work with Columbus police until Dunn is located.

It's the same for the other missing women.

"We're never going to shut the book on this. Even though the cases go cold, the book will always stay open," Shaw added.

If you have any information on Dunn's whereabouts, or tips regarding the missing women of Chillicothe, you're urged to contact the Missing Persons Joint Task Force at 740-774-3463.

Anonymous tips can be made through the Southern Ohio Crime Stoppers by calling: 740-773-TIPS or by visiting their website.

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