Chiropractor offers tips to prevent slip and fall injuries on the ice

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    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- The return of winter weather to Central Ohio will increase the chances of slip and falls.

    Sarah Tapyrik uses caution while walking her dogs in Schiller Park in the German Village neighborhood of Columbus.

    "I just try to be very aware of where I'm walking and if it looks icy, I'll walk on the grass around the ice to avoid patches of it."

    Dr. Jasmine Craner with Active Edge Chiropractic and Functional Medicine said they’ve seen some common injuries due to slip and falls.

    "Strains in the back or hits on the wrist, elbow, shoulder. You know, pain from that,” said Dr. Craner.

    Dr. Craner explained some injuries become more noticeable long after a fall happened and could lead to long term problems.

    The chiropractor advises if a person is going to fall, not to land on their hip or use their wrist or elbow to catch themselves from falling.

    "Best case scenario when you fall, you slide into that fall,” explained Dr. Craner.

    Craner also advises people walk in well-lit areas and salt their driveways and walkways.

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