Cold, snowy March weather makes for extended ski season

Skiers are enjoying the extended ski season at Mad River Mountain. (WSYX/WTTE)

On a cold, windy March day the slopes at Mad River Mountain are still open to skiers. Last year at this time, they were already closed. “The spring is a really wonderful time to ski,” says General Manager Tom Price. “The snow is soft, the turns are really fun.”

The report says that thanks to a cold and snowy winter they were able to open in early December, making for an unusually long season. “We couldn’t argue with the weather all the way through December, January, and all the way into the end of February- that’s finally when it argued with us- but the weather was wonderful this year.”

They say that all the natural snow that’s fallen has kept people in the mood to ski, and the cold temperatures have allowed them to turn 55 million gallons of water into even more snow. “We’re super happy to see winter coming back here in March,” adds Price.

With spring only a few days away, Mad River Mountain plans on being open through this weekend. They say their closing date all depends on the weather. “We love the cold. We’d be doing something different if we didn’t. I wish it was winter all year round.”

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