Columbus Fire Department responding to house fire in Powell; firefighter injured


Columbus battalion fire chief Rick Artrip said a fire fighter is okay after becoming dizzy and disoriented while fighting flames at a home along Breathstone Drive in northwest Columbus Monday evening.

Artrip said fire fighter Chris Teitz was working on the second level of the home in thick smoke when it happened.

"What he was doing was moving clothes back and forth and he was spinning, he was getting dizzy" said Artrip.

Artrip said fellow fire fighters located Teitz and took him outside where medics checked him out.

Investigators said the three people inside the home got out safe.

They called 911 when they smelled smoke and saw flames.

They think the fire started at the side of the garage in mulch and spread into the interior of the home.

ABC 6/ FOX 28 will continue to follow this story.

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