Columbus gyro shop gets Dirty Dish again, Groveport Mexican spot faces possible closure

Los Mariachis and Gyro Express (WSYX/WTTE)

Two restaurants, which previously took home the Dirty Dish Award are back in the 'Dirty Dining' spotlight with less-than encouraging news about their previous violations.

Gyro Express in the 4300 block of Karl Road received its second Dirty Dish Award in a month after three critical violations from its most recent inspection, which included:

  • Large amount of mouse droppings and a dead mouse in the office
  • Cooked wings in the walk-in cooler not date-marked
  • Raw wings stored next to cooked wings

On October 28, Gyro Express received six critical violations and since August they have 19 critical violations in four inspections since August.

Los Mariachis Mexican Restaurant in Groveport had an administrative hearing with the health department where it was advised to clean up its act or have its license suspended or revoked.

The restaurant received a warning letter due to repeat uncorrected violations and/or failure to maintain sanitary conditions.

This comes after they received their second 'Dirty Dish' award featured on November 11.

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