Ohio man says he was stuck by syringe while trying on trunks at Walmart

A Columbus man is worried about what he will find out after he says he was stuck by a syringe while trying on sim trunks at a Columbus Walmart. (WSYX/WTTE)

A father says he was shopping for swim trunks at the Georgesville Road Walmart in Columbus when he felt a poke.

The man said it was Wednesday evening and he was at the store with his brother. The customer said he entered a dressing room to try on the clothes.

"Something poked me in the leg. So I open up the pocket of the shorts and find this syringe.I am like bro, I just got poked and it broke off in my leg because I pulled the shorts up."

The man said store security and clerks called an ambulance to take him the the hospital. He said he was scared.

"You don't check your clothes before you try them on," he said.

The man said he is concerned about becoming HIV positive or getting Hep C.

"I don't know if I caught anything off of this. We won't know until, they say it takes up to two years go figure it out. The prescription is $3,500 dollars for thirty days of medicine and I don't have insurance," he said.

The customer said he doesn't understand why somebody wouldn't just throw away the syringe in a safe place.

"I hope and pray they have nothing because I don't want it," he said.

The man is a single parent of a seven year old daughter and said his worst fear is leaving her alone.

"Do I have a future or don't I? Is there even a tomorrow ? I don't know," he said.

Walmart's Corporate Communications Manager Charles Crowson said in a written statement:

We’re appalled someone would do this in our store, and we’re thankful no one was seriously injured. We checked the surrounding area, found no issues and will continue working closely with law enforcement throughout their investigation.

Columbus Police took a report on the case but a spokeswoman says they are not commenting because "the incident was not a crime."

The customer said a store associate told him they have found needles in the bathroom and parking lot previously.

The man has retained a lawyer and said he plans to send the syringe to a lab to be tested.

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