Columbus officer relieved of duty for comments caught on body cam identified

Columbus Police have identified Joseph Bogard as the officer relieved of duty for making comments that were caught on body cam (Courtesy: Columbus Police)

Columbus Police have identified the officer who said officers should've 'choked the life out of' a suspect as Joseph Bogard, 32, a four-year veteran of the division.

Bogard was relieved of duties after investigators watch body cam video of the arrest of Timothy Davis. Officer Bogard wasn't part of the arrest, but was recorded making comments to another officer afterward that included: has prompted the suspension of one officer, who wasn't part of the initial arrest.

  • "What did we tase him for? Why didn't we just choke the ******** life out of him?"
  • "I'm a little aroused at this Davis (the suspect), just so you know," followed by him laughing.
  • Choking an unruly suspect is "better than shooting them and going to (expletive) jail."

Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs said Bogard had his weapon and badge taken away "until we determine if that's the language he uses on the streets."

Internal Affairs investigators are looking into the September 1st arrest of Timothy Davis, after claims from friends and family that police used excessive force. A customer at the east Columbus store where the arrest took place recorded part of the incident, where officers can be seen hitting and kicking Davis, and his pants falling to his knees during the arrest.

Authorities say Davis resisted officers, fighting and biting at police when they tried to arrest him.

Davis was arrested on outstanding warrants.

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