Officer caught on video kicking man recently cleared in fatal shooting of Henry Green

    The video was captured early Saturday morning during an arrest Saturday morning in east Columbus (Courtesy: Roiesha Peterford)

    Columbus Police say they're investigating after a video was posted online showing an officer kicking a man in the head while he was on the ground being handcuffed. The officer, identified as Zachary Rosen, has been reassigned to non-patrol duty indefinitely, according to a Columbus Police spokeswoman.

    Columbus Police confirmed Rosen was also involved in the shooting death of Henry Green in 2016. Rosen and another officer were cleared in the shooting at the end of March, when a grand jury declined to press charges.

    The latest scene happened Saturday morning on Old Leonard Avenue as police arrested Demarko Anderson for reportedly shooting at a house nearby.

    (Warning: Some adult language in video)

    Roiesha Peteford and her brother say they heard the commotion on their driveway and began watching the arrest from the front porch. That's when Roiesha Peterford started recording on her cell phone.

    The video shows Anderson, 22, on his stomach in the driveway, with an officer handcuffing his hands behind his back. As the officer is giving him instructions, Anderson can be heard saying "I am, sir" and then Rosen runs up and is seen kicking or stomping on Anderson's head.

    "He didn't have to do that, he's already down and handcuffed. I could see if he was trying to get away," Peterford said.

    Police say they were responding to the shooting report, and Anderson had gotten away from them when they were handcuffing him a few blocks away from where the video was shot. Officers say they found a gun and suspected crack cocaine in Anderson's pockets.

    But Columbus Police say the officer's actions "were inconsistent with department training and values." Rosen faces possible disciplinary actions.

    Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther released a statement Monday evening, saying I was disturbed and upset when I saw the video taken on Saturday. The behavior we saw in the video was unacceptable and inconsistent with our values as a community. It erodes the trust the residents of this city place in law enforcement. Officer Rosen has been reassigned to nonpatrol duty indefinitely. I applaud Chief Jacobs for her swift action, and put the full resources of the city behind the investigation. We must remain vigilant in being transparent and accountable in order to earn and keep the trust of the public.”

    Anderson was arrested and is facing a slew of charges including drugs and weapons charges.

    "He was right to be arrested," Peterford said. "But as far as the extra force, that's brutality."

    The family of Henry Green released a statement Tuesday to share their thoughts on the newly released video.

    “It is unfortunate that it takes video evidence to uncover the actions of Officer Rosen but whatever it takes to expose how he has operated in our communities," said the family in a statement.

    "We now see the unreasonable aggression that my son saw in his last moments."

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