Columbus Police release bodycam video showing deadly officer-involved shooting scene

Columbus Police released bodycam video showing the deadly officer-involved shooting of Kareem Jones (Courtesy: Columbus Police Dept.)

WARNING: Video above shows graphic content of a police shooting

Columbus Police have released body camera video from an officer-involved shooting in Franklinton Friday evening.

Kareem Jones, 30, was shot by officers during a confrontation and died from his injuries three days later. The shooting was captured on Officer Samuel James' body camera, but there was no audio until afterwards.

**Warning: Graphic content and language**

Both officers were wearing body cameras at the time, but only one camera was on at the time of the shooting. The second camera was turned on shortly after.

**Warning: Graphic content and language**

Police say the officers patrolling in the area of Schultz Avenue noticed a man walking between cars and behaving erratically. They say the officers got out of their car to talk to the man, but after a brief conversation the officers said they felt threatened by the man's behavior. Officers said the man's behavior escalated and asked him to put up his hands and get to the ground repeatedly but he didn't follow commands.

Afterwards, police say they recovered a gun at the scene.

The officers were identified as Samuel James, a seven year veteran, and Marc Johnson, a four year veteran.

Police say Jones' family viewed the video the day before it was released to the public.

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