Columbus students disciplined for allegedly using teacher account to change grades

Columbus Africentric High School (FILE - WSYX/WTTE)

Students from several Columbus high schools were disciplined for allegedly using a teacher's login to change their grades.

Columbus City Schools spokesman Scott Varner said a student from Columbus Africentric obtained a teacher's login last month from an online learning program, Virtual Credit Advancement Program.

Varner said that student then used the login to change grades of 14 other students from six different schools.

"I want to stress that our official student grading system has several safeguards/checkpoints to prevent this type of irregularity from being recorded as an official grade, so no grades or report cards were ever changed," he said. "All students involved were held accountable."

Varner wouldn't comment on the specifics of the discipline, but said the infraction could be punishable by suspension.

ABC 6/FOX 28 will continue to follow this story.

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