Columbus woman, Gena Power, meets long-lost brother after 60 years

Gena Power and her brother Robbie (Courtesy: Gena Power)

After nearly sixty years, a Columbus woman has finally met her long-lost brother.

"My thoughts were, if it's meant to be, it'll happen," Gena Power told ABC6/FOX28.

In 1958, Power, who was just just two-years-old, was taken to an orphanage in Omaha with her three siblings. Her father was unable to care for them any longer after the children's mother was deported, she said.

Power, her two sisters and her five-year-old brother would each go their separate ways.

As an adult, Power would spend much of her time trying to track down information about her birth family.

"I was always writing letters and making phone calls," she said.

She eventually found her father, her two sisters and would even learn that her mother had died.

The last piece of the puzzle was her brother, Robbie.

"It's been almost sixty years," she said with tears in her eyes.

Finally, in May, a clue. It was entirely by chance.

Power's daughter had submitted DNA for a genetic background test on, and the website discovered another person with a similar DNA. His name was Robert, and he was in Monroe, Louisiana.

After a few emails, Power said her phone rang. She didn't put it down for two and half hours.

"He said, 'Hey little sister this is your big brother!" she said. "We spent the next five minutes crying and laughing."

A few days later, she flew to see a face she hadn't seen in nearly six decades.

"I just took off running [when I saw him]," she said. "It just it was so emotional, so surreal, but yet it was real. And I felt an immediate connection with him."

KNOE-TV captured the emotional moment on video.

"Looking back at it now, I really do see God's sovereign hand over this whole thing."

Power said the connection between the two was more than just a feeling. She could see it.

"After a couple of days, I knew there was something familiar about him," she said. "It was his eyes. And I told him, I remember those eyes."

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