Community CORE: How one county is fighting the heroin crisis

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In Logan County, they are coming together to tackle an overwhelming issue - the heroin epidemic.

"We're trying to offer hope, " said Steven Marshall one of the co-founders of Community CORE. CORE stands for Coalition For Opiate Relief Efforts.

Dozens of community leaders, business owners and families impacted by the drug epidemic are sharing their concerns, experiences and what works in solving the county's heroin crisis.

"It's our local version of an opioid task force," said Tammy Nicholl.

The group uses a four-prong approach, dividing the groups into teams.

One team is prevention, another treatment, and recovery.

There's the medical team and the legal and advocacy team.

Each team reports to the group on their successes and needs.

What they're doing seems to be working, the number of overdose deaths is going down.

In 2016 the county registered 13 overdose deaths. In 2017 there were 8 in the county.

The numbers are small, but the impact is great.

"We are trying to offer hope through treatment and prevention. If nothing else to let them know we're going to win this battle and that the future looks better," said Marshall.

A breakthrough for this community as they come together to tackle this crisis.

If you want to learn more about or more information about Community CORE, you can visit their website:

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