Dangerous hole left behind after home demolished

A hole that was left after an abandoned Columbus house was demolished is being filled. (WSYX/WTTE)

Neighbors on Jermain Drive thought an abandoned house was a big problem-until it was torn down and replaced by a giant, gaping hole where the basement had been.

Linda Reynolds said she tried to get the city's attention.

"I called 3-1-1," she said. "My neighbor called 311. We called the police because the kids were gathering around the hole."

Reynolds said water started collecting in the seven feet deep hole, which only added to the danger.

She worried it could collapse, perhaps trapping a child.

"I called the city and got the run around about it," said Reynolds.

The property is owned by Central Ohio Community Improvement Corporation, or COCIC.

It partners with the Columbus Land Bank, and works with local groups to rehab or demolish blighted buildings. COCIC President Curtiss Williams said what happened on Jermain Drive was very unusual.

He said after demolition, a hole is usually filled right away or within 24 hours.

As soon as 6 On Your Side reported the problem, the dirt trucks were on the way.

Reynolds said she's very happy the problem was taken care of before someone got hurt.

For more information on the Franklin County Land Bank program, or COCIC, click here:

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