Deal between Ohio State and Apple means iPads for incoming freshman class

Ohio State and Apple are teaming up to provide a coding class, design center and iPads to OSU students. (WSYX/WTTE)

The tech giant Apple will soon set up shop at The Ohio State University.

It's a new Collaboration to integrate Apple technology with the college experience.

"Through a series of high level conversations we came up with an arrangement to supply iPads for the incoming freshmen class, and then the next year and the next, so we can cover the entire campus," said OSU President Michael Drake.

He says some colleges already use iPads to teach; medical student use them as part of clinical instructions.

The Ohio State marching band no longer uses sheet music. Band members use iPads for their sheet music and their formation.

Drake says they took the relationship they have with Apple and expanded it.

"Why not the entire campus?" he said.

The new deal also means a new iOS design lab.

"Things I haven't even thought of will happen there. Professionals, students, staff and others coming together to work on developing new uses for informative technology, " Drake said.

In a statement from OSU, Apple CEO Tim Cook said:

"At Apple, we believe technology has the power to transform the classroom and empower students to learn in new and exciting ways." Cook said. "This unique program will give students access to the incredible learning tools on iPad, as well as Apple's new coding curriculum that teaches critical skills for jobs in some of the country's fastest growing sectors."

Doctor Drake says the design lab will open in a temporary space in 2018 and move to a permanent location in 2019.

No locations have been announced.

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