Days after being convicted of murder, Brian Golsby begs for his life in front of jury

Brian Golsby in court for the beginning of his sentencing on March 16, 2018. (WSYX/WTTE)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) - The sentencing phase of the Brian Golsby murder trial started Friday morning. He was convicted for the murder of Ohio State senior Reagan Tokes.

The defense asked the jury to understand Golsby, not sympathize with him. They said he came from a father who didn't want him and a mother who would beat him. They hope understanding from the jury would be enough to spare his life.

They argued he was in and out if foster care from two-years-old into his teens. Golsby had an alcoholic mother who abused him and was raped by a neighbor at age 12, they said.

“She was regularly beating Brian with a plastic jump rope for abuse and humiliation,” said Diane Menashe, Golsby's defense attorney.

Menashe said Children Services continued to try to keep Golsby with his mother.

Prosecutor Ron O'Brien argued others in similar hard spots don't commit violent crimes.

“Those other people don't commit robberies, rapes, kidnapping and shoot poor young girls in the head," said O'Brien.

A psychologist took the stand who specializes in counseling gay and lesbian individuals. Golsby had stated he believed himself to be gay about 10 years ago.

His attorneys said Golsby does have a history of acting out sexually but never had gotten the help he needed

On Friday afternoon, at the sentencing phase of the trial, Golsby apologized to Tokes' family.

He also said that the associate named TJ, who forced him to rape the 21-year-old, wasn't real:

Today I would like to apologize to the Tokes family for the crimes I committed against your daughter. When I first got locked up, I lied about everything. 22 I said there was a TJ. There is no TJ. TJ is not real. 26 I made TJ up. 28 because I was trying to wiggle may way out of the crime.

Golsby then asked the jury to have mercy on him:

The only other thing I have to say is, um... please have mercy on me. 41 that’s all I’ve got to say.

WSYX/WTTE will continue to follow the sentencing.

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