Deputies, marshals crisscross Delaware County, looking for sex offenders

An operation Thursday in Delaware was launched to ensure sex offenders were living at the addresses they registered. (WSYX/WTTE)

Law enforcement officials couldn't account for the whereabouts of four convicted sex offenders, who were apparently not living where they registered as part of their parole.

That came after a morning effort by deputies, parole officers and US marshals to crisscross Delaware County trying to verify sex offenders' addresses.

"Just to make sure they're following the guidelines that have been set for them through the court," said Dep. Tim Schambs, explaining why the effort was undertaken Thursday. "To make sure they're following the rules."

Seven teams of officers tried to verify the whereabouts of 78 offenders. Four are believed to be in violation of their parole because investigators couldn't confirm their homes.

In some of the visits, an offender was not home, but investigators were able to confirm their residence through neighbors or others who live in the home. In those cases hang-tags with the sheriff's office contact information were left behind. Deputies said a second visit was probable as well. Information sexual offenders living near you can be found at:

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