DeWine speaks one-on-one after gubernatorial win

DeWine speaks one-on-one after gubernatorial win

Ohio's next governor laid out his plans for the next four years during a one-on-one interview with ABC6/FOX28's Ben Garbarek. The Republican Ohio Attorney General defeated Democrat Rich Cordray during the 2018 midterm election.

When asked what he would do to win over people who did not vote for him, DeWine said he had a track record of working with Democrats from his time in Congress and working with Democratic sheriffs as attorney general.

"These are issues that I'm not sure are Democrat or Republican issues," DeWine said. "These are things we have to face in Ohio and challenges we have to deal with."

DeWine said his focus would be children. He plans to triple the size of a program which provides home visits to at-risk moms.

"It's a program that works exceedingly well, but we're only covering four percent now of eligible mothers," he said. "We're going to expand that."

On Thursday Governor John Kasich renewed his call for red flag legislation to take guns away from people who pose a threat to themselves or other people. So far the state legislature has refused to vote on it. DeWine said he would consider signing a bill like that into law.

"Due process has to be built in to any kind of law in this area that the state legislature might think about passing," DeWine said. “If someone who is close to that individual really has a great fear of their use of a gun that, as long as due process is followed, that there is a procedure by which that person can be temporarily or maybe longer than that, have that gun away from that person.”

One of the biggest problems DeWine has faced as attorney general has been the ongoing opioid crisis. DeWine said he planned to beef up education for children about the dangers of addiction.

"Every grade, every kid, every school will get something to help them stay off the drugs, to stop them from going down the path of addiction," he said. “I don’t have a magic wand. I can’t magically make this drug epidemic go away, this opiate problem but we have a 12-point plan. We’ve laid that out. It is based upon prevention, education.”

DeWine and every other Republican running for an executive office statewide in Ohio won on Tuesday. Those victories paired with continued large majorities in the Ohio House and Senate seal at least a decade of Republican dominance in the Statehouse. DeWine said he didn't feel Ohio has become a "red state" though.

"I don't think Ohio is necessarily a red state today," he said. "I think any Republican who thinks that and wants to run for office will so at their own peril. It’s still a very competitive state. I think one of the things which happened in this last election is Ohioans generally feel Ohio is headed in the right direction.”

DeWine will be sworn in as governor January 14th, 2019.

Watch the full interview below:

Full interview with Gov.-Elect Mike DeWine (WSYX/WTTE){p}{/p}


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