Dog recovering at Ross County animal clinic after being shot with bow and arrow

A dog is recovering in Ross County after being shot by a crossbow. (WSYX/WTTE)

Ross County authorities are now searching for the person who shot a pit bull mix with a bow and arrow while the dog was secured inside an outdoor kennel on Buckhorn Lane

"It's not like the dog was running loose on the property," said Jenn Thomas with the Ross County Humane Society, "it was inside a confined space, it's unacceptable."

Veterinarians at North Fork Animal Clinic in Chillicothe have been caring for the two-year-old since it was found Tuesday night.

"He doesn't seem to care anything happened to him," said Dr. Blake Lloyd, "that's what is great about these guys, they don't hold this stuff against us."

A family found the dog as a stray about a month ago, and was taking care of the animal as they searched for the pit bull's owners.

Over the weekend while the family was out of town, a relative who was dog sitting discovered the animal bleeding and shot while he was inside an outdoor pen.

An arrow was found just feet from the home's outdoor kennel, which is not far from Great Seal State Park.

"With the way the dog was hit, I don't think this was an accident," said Ross County Dog Warden Pam Longcott.

X-rays show the arrow entered the shoulder area and exited near the dog's rear end, only chipping some spinal bones, and miraculously not touching any vital organs.

"It could've been much worse, if it were an inch lower, it would've severed his spinal cord," said Dr. Lloyd

Authorities say charges could be filed if it's determined the animal's injuries were not the result of an accident.

Anyone with information is asked to call The Ross County Humane Society at 740-775-6808

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