Dozens looking for new home after being forced out of Pataskala motel


PATASKALA, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- Dozens of Licking County residents were forced from the motel they were living in and are trying to figure out on the fly where they can go next.

Tammy Fraker is one of those people without a "Plan B."

"I'm heartbroken. My home is gone. It's got to stop! People have got to care and this place doesn't care obviously," Fraker said.

Fraker says she and nearly 30 others were told they had to move out of the Shamrock Motel by the end of the day.

The state fire marshall called the place a safety hazard with no electricity, heat, or water.

Owner Helen Meade said people not paying rent and freeloading caused the problem.

"Every time I'd knock on the door, they'd make an excuse. Oh, I'll pay you tomorrow. Well, tomorrow never came," Meade said.

But, Fraker disagrees, saying she's a good tenant.

"We've paid our rent faithfully, every week, for almost six years and this is the thanks I get," Fraker said.

She and her husband William are left with no choice. They packed their belongings into boxes and loaded up trucks with help from friends. They're unable to plan for the future and don't know where they'll go from here.

"They've left a family in the street with nowhere to go," Fraker said.

The owner says she plans on paying the bills and eventually getting the motel back up and running. But she says she will be selective about who she allows to live there.

The Red Cross has reached out to the Shamrock's tenants.

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