Family: Hit-skip victim to be in hospital for 5 months, likely to never run again

(Courtesy: Nick Runs America/Facebook)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- A New Zealander who was running across the U.S. to raise money for charity will likely never run again, according to his family.

Nick Ashill, 53, has been at OSU Wexner Medical Center since he was hit by a vehicle along US-40 in Madison County near the Clark County line last Wednesday. The driver of the vehicle never stopped.

His wife, Sarah, said the injuries sustained from the accident -- a compound fracture to his pelvis and broken right leg -- will keep him in the hospital for at least five months.

Sarah said she was on the phone with him at the time of the accident by a driver she said deliberately struck him.

"I saw like you do in the movies I saw the rolling of the camera and it was quiet and I said nick, nick are you hurt? Then I clicked into my emergency training," she said.

As she got her husband to describe his injuries, she said she helped him relax when he started to have trouble breathing. Ashill had a support team in an RV, which arrived a short time later and called for help. Ashill has already undergone multiple surgeries and treatments, his wife added.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol said it's no closer to identifying the suspect, who they say was driving a 1992-98 model Chevy or GMC truck after a side-view mirror was found at the scene.

Those who wish to support Ashill's recovery effort can donate to his gofundme here.

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