Family of man killed by stray bullet hoping for answers

Severen Clayborn was one of two people killed in a homicide on South Wayne Avenue in the Hilltop. (WSYX/WTTE)

Steve and Sharon Clayborn say they're 33-year old son, Severen, was a kind and loving person.

Now, they're still numb after a stray bullet claimed his life.

Investigators said during a hail of gunfire Monday morning along South Wayne Avenue, a bullet went through Severen's wall, killing him as he slept on his sofa.

Tuesday, his family returned to the home to collect some of his belongings.

"He didn't deserve it, he wasn't doing anything" said Steve Clayborn.

Severen's mother is a Columbus minister and said her faith will help her through.

"God is good, God is still blessing us even in this time" said Sharon Clayborn.

The Clayborn's said their son lived in the Hilltop for a decade, and worked in a warehouse.

Police said up to 30 rounds were fired Monday morning.

They also claimed the life of 17-year old Quentin William Smith.

While police continued their search for a dark colored Honda Civic sedan in connection with the case, Severen's family said the holidays won't ever be the same.

"He won't be there, and there will be an emptiness" said Steve Clayborn.

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