Family searches for answers two years after father of six killed outside Golden Corral

Shueyb Abukar was murdered October 23 2015, outside the Golden Corral restaurant on West Dublin Granville Rd. (Courtesy: Amal Mohamed)

Nearly two years after a father of six was shot to death leaving a northwest Columbus restaurant with his family, police continue to search for the gunman.

“Every kid needs a dad,” said Amal Mohamed, as she spoke about her late husband Shueyb Abukar, who was murdered October 23 2015, outside the Golden Corral restaurant on West Dublin Granville Rd.

“I still have flashbacks to that day, a lot of questions,” said Mohamed.

Mohamed says after a day of shopping and praying together, the family went for dinner at the restaurant. While they were heading to the car, Mohamed says a man confronted her husband demanding his wallet then shot him twice.

“I looked at him, I remembered I smiled, then he came from behind me, when my husband walked towards the car, he flashed a gun.”

For the first time Columbus Police telling ABC 6/FOX 28, they believe the killer randomly selected Abukar.

“Somehow the suspect evaluated him and for some reason thought he was a good target,” said Columbus Police Sgt. David Sicilian.

David Lee who owns a nail salon across the street from the restaurant, installed a new security system shortly after the murder. Two years later he prays an arrest will happen soon.

“We always aware of that, now more accepting, more police are here, more police come,” said Lee.

Days after the shooting, Columbus Police released a surveillance photo of the suspect in front of the restaurant, snapped shortly before the shooting.

While the face is hard to make out, the killer’s outfit is not; a red Ohio state hoodie or sweatshirt and OSU pajama pants. Security video also caught the killer fleeing in a tan sedan with an accomplice behind the wheel. They remain on the loose.

“I think police need to do more,” said Mohamed, “I don’t think they are doing enough.”

“We don’t always have the ability to share all the information we have, we are working diligently,” said Sicilian.

Police tell ABC 6/Fox 28 they have recovered an abundant of evidence in the case, but are not commenting on what they have collected because the killer is still on the streets.

Mohamed praying someone picks up the phone and helps police solve the case soon.

“Let me and my kids have an end, we lost a loved one, we need justice too,” said Mohamed.

The Somalian community, Golden Corral Restaurants and an anonymous donor have all contributed to a reward fund which is now more than $30,000.

Anyone with information can make an anonymous tip through Crime Stoppers at 614-461-TIPS

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