Fight for Ohio closest race in the country

(Credit: CNN Newsource)

The polls are so close in Ohio most of them are within the margin of error. Currently the polls are closer than any other swing state. While Hillary Clinton jumped out to a lead in most national polls, both Republicans and Democrats agree the race in Ohio is too close to call.

"Ohio true to form is probably going to be a very close election," said Jonathan Kreger, a political science professor at Columbus State.

Kreger said voters shouldn't put too much stock into any one poll.

"It's important to look at trends and if you look at the trend lines, Ohio is very competitive for both campaigns," he said.

Some Trump supporters said the poll numbers don't tell the entire story. Voter enthusiasm counts too. That metric can be a better indicator of who will actually go and vote.

"The Trump supporters are hardcore supporters and they've always shown more enthusiastic support for him than the Clinton supporters," said Bob Clegg, a Republican strategist with Midwest Communications and Media.

Clinton backers countered saying that's where the ground game comes in. They think that will help Clinton win Ohio. Clinton staffers and volunteers have already started knocking on doors and calling people to get them to go vote early.

"I would hope come Election Day that if someone wakes up in the morning and says, 'I might not need to vote because my vote won't matter' that they will have so many phone calls, door knocks and notes left on their door that that will be a good reminder for them," said Monica Moran with Progress Ohio.

Clinton's lead nationally has grown in recent weeks. She can lose Ohio and still have a plausible path to the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

It's cliché but true, no Republican has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio.

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